There are two conflicting stories about how the BIG BOY - a potentially iconic Men's Grooming brand started.

Both of them begin in the same way: Andrius and Massimo are professional hairdressers and trained barbers with almost 40 years of combined experience. Massimo started his career at the traditional family run barber shop in the heart of Palermo, Sicily. Andrius entered training with Toni & Guy in High Wycombe, England. They both met and became close friends when working for Toni & Guy in Dubai.

Fast forward 15 years and Massimo runs 3 luxurious salons in Dubai, and Andrius runs 2 high-end salons in London. They have numerous celebrity clients, numerous awards and nominations and a general respect and recognition within their industry.

Now, this is where the two stories go in different directions. One, that you can find in open sources, combed by a talented copywriter from a PR agency, says that both Andrius and Massimiliano were inspired by hairdressing and grooming from a young age, their passion for the industry drove them to consider creating a new unique men's grooming product line amalgamating the classical and the modern.  By combining their breadth of experience and creativity, this power duo were able to turn a vision of their very own grooming line into a reality with the creation of BIG BOY.

The second story, usually rumored after a few drinks, states that the idea came at the end of Andrius' stag do in Dubai, when the three of them (Andrius' brother Vytas was also there) thought that it would be a good idea to launch a product together to legally have more 'boys alone' time. Then, rather unexpectedly, the line became reasonably successful and instead of being just a nice excuse to go to a trade show in Vegas, it became a business.

So it's up to you to chose which one to believe. However, some things are absolutely clear and verifiable - the BIG BOY products are really made in a family run pharmacy in a small village near Palermo, Sicily, by a third generation Chemist. They utilize as many Sicilian ingredients as it is possible to source and are very natural.

...ah why the name BIG BOY? This is how Andrius and Massimo would call each other: BIG BOY, let's go for a drink! So when the question of the brand name arose, no other option was discussed.